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We Play in the Loveliest Places

My husband and I recently spent 12 days on the road, singing for our supper. We played in Rock Springs, Wyoming and Boise, Idaho, then took three days off in Glacier National Park in Montana. Wow. If you visit no other National Park in your lifetime, make it this one. It was genuinely hard for me to leave. In three days, I saw more wildflowers and wildlife than I’ve ever seen in all of the other parks I have visited combined. We saw several bears, mountain goats, elk, deer, a snowshoe hare, a moose, osprey, and more. After Glacier National Park, we performed in Nederland, Colorado, as well as three stops in Nebraska. 4000 miles later, we are glad to be home. Enjoy the slideshow — a tiny glimpse of what life is like on the road. :)

This is Arthur. He’s walking from California to Maine.

My husband and I met Arthur and his support team (ie: Anthony) at a gig in Rock Springs, WY. Arthur is walking from California to Maine, in order to raise awareness about breast cancer. He also just happens to be a kick-ass photographer. I was inspired by his passion for the craft, but also his guts in choosing to do this VERY BIG THING at the age of 19.

In Arthur’s own words (he’s 19 now — actually started the walk in May):

“My name is Arthur Hitchcock and I am a 18 year old photographer/student. Last month my mom, Janet Hitchcock, passed away from Stage 4 Breast Cancer, leaving me on my own at 18. My father (also a photographer) passed away when I was 2 from a lifelong heart condition. Being on my own at such a young age, has made school/work almost impossible. For years I have been planning a cross-country trip, and now I think is the time to start. I will be walking alone in the Spring from Long Beach, CA to Maine. I would like to raise money to for Breast Cancer Research. I need help with sponsorship, publicity, and everything else. I really want to make an impact, and do something no one else ever has. I hope this reaches someone who is interested in helping me, or someone who can point me in the right direction as far as raising money and awareness. Eventually I would like for my house in Long Beach to develop into a community art center in memory of my parents and to everything they have done for me.
Also, this entire journey will be documented by me, with photographs and HD video. These will be uploaded to a blog all throughout the walk. (arthurhitchcock.tumblr.com)


Also, If you could spread the word to anyone you know that might be interested. Im in need of sponsors, and good old-fashioned connections.

Tell your parents, teachers, and anyone else that might be able to help.

Thank You All.”

So help him out, y’all.