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Trust Your Photographer Enough to be Fearless ~ Adventurous Portrait Photography in Springfield Illinois

Since a friend and fellow photographer turned me on to the Fearless Photographers website a few months ago, I have been thinking about how to apply the same approach to portrait photography. There is a tendency to take the safest path to portrait work — a beautiful, traditional portrait of the entire family. Everyone is looking at the camera. Everyone is smiling. We want something that serves as a beautiful record of our existence. Truthfully, there is something to be said for great portrait photography that is both classic and natural. Done well, with beautiful lighting and posing, it should stand the test of time.

That said, some people are uncomfortable with the idea of hanging a huge family portrait on the wall. All those smiling, giant faces looking back at us in bold color. Frozen in time. Instantly dated.

But what about art? How does the personal transcend its ordinary place in our world? How does a portrait become a piece of art? I would hang the above photo of a gorgeous bride checking out her makeup in a tiny cosmetic mirror on my own wall. Would you? Some of my favorite portraits don’t have a single face in them. It is really exciting when a client sees such a photo for the first time and gets it. *Here.* Where it matters. They are experiencing that same fearlessness that I felt when I shot it. It gives me goosebumps every time.

What would happen if people allowed their photographers to create personal artwork — instead of mere facsimiles? Another blogger has addressed this beautifully here. Photographers all over the country are convincing their clients to *trust* them. I believe it can happen here in Springfield.

If you are willing to take a chance on a fearless portrait, I’m your photographer. Fearless portraits can be done at any time of year, in just about any location — including your own home. We can collaborate on ideas — or you can simply allow me to do my thing. You don’t need to wear special clothes or bring anything to the session — with the possible exception of an open mind.


Springfield IL Wedding Photographer Kari Bedford Wins Two “Fearless Photographer” Awards!

Fearless Photographers are wedding photographers from all over the world who “go for the bold.” From their website:

We are very selective about the images that you see on our site.  We only want to show our best!  Thus only the top 10% of all images submitted by over 200 photographers are worthy to be called Fearless Awards and are showcased on the Fearless Photographers site.  It’s considered a great honor among our photographers to have earned these Awards.

Each round of entries is a dazzling array of unique, funny, shocking, and beautiful wedding photography. I was thrilled and honored to have two of my photos selected from out of 1500 entries! Be sure to check out the other winners, as well!