What is Custom Wedding Photography?

Like a handmade quilt, I treat your wedding photos with care and craftsmanship. This is what custom photography means to me. I start with professional Canon equipment and a wide array of Canon’s finest L-series lenses, each of which I have chosen for a different reason — from portrait lenses to wide-angle (or “storytelling” lenses, as I call them). I invest in software, professional retouching tools, filters, and workshops so that your images are as beautiful as the people in them. It means that every single photo is carefully edited, color corrected, and corrected for exposure by hand. Furthermore, I work with quality filters that allow me to give every photo a  gentle “once-over” for your wedding DVD. Beyond that, every photo is also converted to black and white, so that you have the option of printing in color or b&w. Lastly, I choose a handful of my favorite images for special attention — fully retouched and treated with fun effects. Per your request, I also offer complete retouching on special images. Finally, every single image that goes into your printed wedding album is retouched by hand.

When you consider the fact that most couples end up with anywhere from 500 to 1000 images, the process can be very time-consuming. That said, it is well worth the effort!

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