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Introducing Richard: Springfield, IL Senior Portrait Role Model Winner for 2011

Awhile back, I hosted a “Role Models” contest/giveaway. The winner, by a landslide, was Richard. He was nominated by his friend (and the mother of one of the grooms whose wedding I photographed this summer), Annette Kramer. She had this to say about Richard:

“To know Richard is to love him. Upon meeting him you would assume he doesn’t have a care in the world. You would have no idea that he often stays with friends for extended periods of time because his home is in a crime-ridden section of town, where drug deals are happening all around. He lost his mom this spring and relies on the generosity of others for his needs – he never asks for anything! He makes so many people smile – I would love to be able to share his smile with others through this portrait session.”

I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Richard. It was not difficult at all to understand why he was nominated — and why he won. When Annette said that he makes people smile, what she really means is that he makes you laugh. And laugh. And laugh. And I didn’t get the sense that it was simply for my benefit — or simply a coping mechanism, like one might expect from a young man who has faced real tragedy. I think that Richard simply presents his true self to the world. It’s up to the rest of us to see him. I think this is true of so most teenagers, in fact — which is one of the many reasons that I enjoy photographing them.

From downtown Springfield to one of Richard’s favorite basketball courts on the East side, we froze our butts off. Nonetheless, I think we succeeded in creating an array of fun, honest, and interesting images. Here are a few of his favorites, as well as mine.





Springfield IL Photographer Kari Bedford is Giving Away a FREE Senior Portrait Session and $500 in Products

Do you know an extraordinary high school senior (Class of 2012) from Sangamon County who you feel is deserving of a free portrait session and $500 in complimentary products from Kari Bedford Photography? If so, please fill out this form nominating the senior of your choice.

Applications MUST include a snapshot.

The nominees will be added to a photo album on the Kari Bedford Photography Facebook page. The nominee who receives the most “Likes” on their photo (and accompanying description) will be the winning role model.

The deadline to enter is July 31, 2011 at midnight. Voting begins as soon as your nomination is sent in….so the earlier you send in, the better!

The session and products may not be redeemed for cash. Nominees must not be current or former clients — open to new clients only!

To nominate your favorite senior, fill out the form!

Senior Portrait Artists | Springfield Illinois Photographer Shares Photos from SPA Event

Every year, hundreds of photographers travel to a beautiful resort in order to study the emerging and evolving art of senior portraits. SPA Event is like a great big playground for senior portrait photographers. Sixteen seniors are chosen from high schools around the country to be the featured models at SPA Event. To learn more about SPA Event and how you or your high school senior could earn a chance to attend this event, please contact Kari Bedford Photography at

Springfield Illinois Senior Portrait Photographer Kari Bedford Leaves Snowmageddon for Senior Portrait Event

The Riviera Resort and Spa in Palm Springs, CA (Photo from their website)

Okay, first of all…in order for me to properly gloat about a trip to sunny California in February, the temperature in Springfield cannot register above freezing. Otherwise, what is the point??

Oh, right. Spending 5 days in a beautiful resort hotel with some of the best senior portrait photographers in the country. Hooray!

From February 14th through February 18th, I will be attending SPA Event in Palm Springs, California. The event is held in a sunny locale every year — and always in a really beautiful resort. This year, the event will be held at the Riviera Resort and Spa — which looks like something right out a movie set. Classes consist of actual photo shoots, marketing ideas, a huge fashion show and a ton of fun.

The Senior Portrait Artists (SPA) event is an annual occurrence. If you follow Kari Bedford Photography on Facebook, you may have seen that one of my high school seniors was thisclose to winning a spot as a model for SPA. She made it to the top 50 finalists out of 400 entries. High school students from all over the country enter the model competition every year. So this year, any high school senior photographed by Kari Bedford Photography can earn a chance to attend SPA as a model next year.

All expenses paid — warm weather —  did I mention the swanky resort and the bazillions of amazing photographers who will be taking more photos of you than you ever thought possible?

I would LOVE to send a high school senior to SPA next year! If you are interested in the aforementioned awesomeness, schedule your appointment soon…so we can create the kind of amazing images that SPA demands.

In the meantime, I’m going to work on my skills….and my tan. See you when I return!

Sticks and Stones: A Creative Anti-Bullying Collaboration with Kari Bedford Photography in Springfield, Illinois

Stay tuned for more details…and watch for these posters in your school!