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We Play in the Loveliest Places

My husband and I recently spent 12 days on the road, singing for our supper. We played in Rock Springs, Wyoming and Boise, Idaho, then took three days off in Glacier National Park in Montana. Wow. If you visit no other National Park in your lifetime, make it this one. It was genuinely hard for me to leave. In three days, I saw more wildflowers and wildlife than I’ve ever seen in all of the other parks I have visited combined. We saw several bears, mountain goats, elk, deer, a snowshoe hare, a moose, osprey, and more. After Glacier National Park, we performed in Nederland, Colorado, as well as three stops in Nebraska. 4000 miles later, we are glad to be home. Enjoy the slideshow — a tiny glimpse of what life is like on the road. :)

Happy Anniversary to Walker and Allison!

One year ago today, Allison and Walker were married at Walnut Grove Farm, the same farm where my husband and I just happened to exchange vows. Allison and Walker are an amazing couple. In the past year, they have shared some pretty intense heartache and yet, through it all, their love of family and joy for life came shining through. I just wanted to take a moment to celebrate these two gentle souls. So Happy Anniversary, you wacky, beautiful kids!

Introducing Erin: Class of 2012 Model Rep

I am obsessed with the Harry Potter book series and movies.
My favorite color is forest green.
I can quote the entire Mean Girls movie by heart.
I could live in forever21 my whole life.
I have a big brother who could pass as my identical twin.
I am in love with the 90’s music, especially the boy bands.
I am very free-spirited and a go-with-the-flow type of person.
My favorite season is winter because of the snow and Christmas lights.
I want to travel through Europe by the time I’m 30!

Introducing Emma: Class of 2012 Model Rep

Dancing is my passion (I sleep in ballet passe).
I’m an only child; spoiled rotten & proud.
I want to be an Occupational Therapist.
I’m a dog AND a cat person.
Books make me sad and scared and confused and happy and I love that.
I love to travel & hope to study abroad in college.
I could probably live off of pasta and sushi.
My parents are my heroes.
In my spare time I like to sing opera style to the radio with my friends.
I have a bad habit of adding extra letters on the end of words for emphasissss.

Introducing Ally: Class of 2012 Model Rep

Singing is my favorite thing; I’m going to be a vocal major in a year.
I have 2 cats, Lucky and Mitsi.
I am a Unitarian Universalist.
I can touch my tongue to my nose.
I’ve been to 8 different countries and am going to another one in a few weeks.
I live with my mom, two cats, and little sister, Andi, who is 8.
My favorite color is green and the walls of my room have 3 shades of it, blue, yellow, and white.
I’ve been playing the alto sax for almost 9 years.
I am OBSESSED with Harry Potter.
I love orange sherbert.