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Kissing is yucky.

So You Want to Be a Professional Photographer?

So you want to be a professional photographer? GREAT! It is often an exciting, rewarding career for a creative person. It is also a tremendous responsibility to run your own business — one that not only involves recording important life moments for other people, but is filled with financial and legal concerns. When aspiring photographers […]

Springfield IL Engagement Session at the Drive-In

How cute are these two movie stars?

Springfield IL Photographer Hearts The Windy City

Who needs mustaches on sticks when you’re in the Windy City? I love serendipitous moments like this! No PhotoShop necessary, folks. :) Just lucky timing!

Senior Portrait Artists | Springfield Illinois Photographer Shares Photos from SPA Event

Every year, hundreds of photographers travel to a beautiful resort in order to study the emerging and evolving art of senior portraits. SPA Event is like a great big playground for senior portrait photographers. Sixteen seniors are chosen from high schools around the country to be the featured models at SPA Event. To learn more […]